Studio Policy

Updated 08/21/2015

Studio Policy

The Policy of Comet Music Studio/Watertown Piano Lessons are items of understanding that constitute an agreement upon registration.

CLASS INFORMATION - Each class is 45-minutes long and meets once a week, and is a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Classes are small and grouped according to age and ability.  Each student has use of a digital piano during class.  Friendships develop, and the joy of sharing music is experienced by all.  Students progress more rapidly in a stress-free piano class environment.  PARENTS are welcome to visit class at any time to check on their child. However, parents who stay for the entire class disrupt the dynamic between the teacher and students.  Therefore, parents are invited to wait outside.

MUSIC - The student MUST bring his/her music book to class each week - we do not have extra music for a student who forgets to bring his/her music.  The cost of each level’s music book/cd set is $36 and will be added to your invoice when the music is issued. Bonus or seasonal music is also extra and will be added to your invoice when issued.

PRACTICING - All students are REQUIRED to play the week’s music assignment at least TWICE A DAY until the next lesson. Practicing only takes a few minutes each day.  Parents must accept their responsibility in seeing to it that the student does the required practicing. Consistent lack of practicing is grounds for dismissal.

SCHOOL YEAR - There are 34 scheduled instructions, plus 2 FREE classes, scheduled between September and June.  The studio follows the Watertown City School District Calendar for vacations and holidays.  Most Monday Holidays ARE class days, unless noted on the Studio Calendar.

COST - The total school year of 34 lessons is $840.  ($840/34 classes ~ $25 per class) There are 2 additional FREE lessons that are used for weather closings as well as student illness.  Instruction starting later in the school year are pro-rated, using a full month's payment, inclusive of the number of instruction in that month.

DOWN PAYMENT - A Down Payment of $40 is paid when registering. The down payment holds a place for the student in one of my piano classes.  The down payment is non-refundable, except when no suitable class is available.

PAYMENTS - There are three payment options available:

  1. 10 Monthly Payments, inclusive of the number of lessons in the month, plus the $40 down payment upon registration.
  2. 2 Semester Payments of $400 due September 1st and January 1st, plus the $40 down payment upon registration.
  3. 1 Yearly Payment of $800 due by September 1st, plus the $40 down payment upon registration.

LATE PAYMENT PENALTY - A $10 late payment penalty is added to any account that is due on the first of the month but not received by the 10th of the month. Failure to remit the late payment and the current tuition payment before the 20th of the month may necessitate dismissal of the student. If the student is dismissed due to lack of payment, the last payment and late fee are still due by the first of the next month.

MISSED LESSONS - No tuition credits or make-up lessons are given. Comet Music Studio is giving each student 2 FREE lessons, so the student may miss up to 2 classes without any cost to the parent, including school weather closings and teacher illness. Therefore, please do not send sick children to piano class. Assignments are emailed following each lesson.

WEATHER CLOSINGS - I follow the Watertown City School District for weather closings.  If the WCSD closes, or cancels after-school activities due to weather, the studio is also closed.  Announcements will attempt to be made via local media (including, but not limited to: WWNY-TV, WWTI-50,, and our FaceBook pages: "Watertown Piano Lessons".  Important: If there are more than 3 weather closings during the winter, any remaining weeks will be made up at the end of the year in June or July

TEACHER CANCELATION - If I must cancel more than twice for extenuating circumstances during the year, I will make the week up at the end of the year in June/July as needed.

MAKE-UPS - The class schedule for instruction is made for the year upon registering.  Make-ups or rescheduling for sports or other musical conflicts are not available.  My schedule has very limited free time with the number of students and classes.  After each class, lesson notes and assignments are emailed so the student may continue their lesson at home.  Extenuating circumstances, such as prolonged family emergencies or major health issues are exceptions.  Please note there are 2 FREE lessons that may be used for missed lessons without any penalty.  (See below.)

TERMINATING ENROLLMENT - If the student decides to terminate piano lessons before the end of the course, the parent must notify Comet Music Studio IN WRITING. I spend a great deal of time each week planning each class for each student, and will continue to plan for your student’s participation until you notify that you have withdrawn in writing. The parent is obligated to pay the tuition through the end of the month in which Comet Music Studio is notified in writing even if the student did not attend any classes that month. No longer attending piano class is not notification of termination.

SAFETY - Comet Music Studio must be notified by the child’s parent if a child will be going home with anyone other than a parent.  Students are not allowed to be left unattended by a parent before or after class. Please do not use the studio as a babysitting service.  Students and parents need to wait outside until it is time for class. Comet Music Studio is not responsible for children until they enter the studio door at the appropriate class time.

PHOTOS AND MEDIA - Photos or videos may be taken of our classes from time to time for advertising, promotional, or literature purposes. No names or personal information will be revealed.